This Comedy Short Brings Every App To Life (And Makes You Want To Kill Them)

In this Arrested Development-inspired short, a family (The Dotcoms, as creators Cara Danielle Brown and Lauren Kokenes so campily named them) personifies all the social media networks of the golden days, along with our current most addictive apps, like Spotify and Vine. Well, not really Vine, because fuck Vine. The app jokes are relentless throughout and they’re corny in a way you can actually laugh along with. It’s worth a watch for the performances, if not just for the Vine joke that you can find mid-way through, a joke made me LOL for a few moments longer than a regular midday LOL should last. Maybe I should get that checked out. Perhaps their next episode can put me in touch with a hot ZocDoc. Okay, now I’m doing it too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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