This Ridiculous 1980’s ‘Cribs’ Video Is Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

My friend showed me this video my freshman year of college and I think I watched it every single day for at least three weeks— it’s safe to say that I almost failed my honors seminar as a result. I don’t know. It’s like a surreal Tim & Eric-style ‘Cribs’ clip. Watch as someone dubs over a tour of an eccentric actress’ home…she wears a turban and holds a cat and juices carrots. There are probably a bunch of offensive lines for flair. I really do not remember, I just know that I still quote it all the time like a true college freshman. Enjoy. Or don’t. I’m not responsible for your happiness. Go find your own fuzzy cat to shave and tattoo eyebrows on. Oh, you don’t get that reference? Well then. Guess you should’ve watched the video in the first place, man. Freshman year is like, the greatest time of our lives tho, huh? Tough break, bro. By the way, who do you know here? $5 for a cup or GTFO. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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