Grammy Winner Lorde Launches Perfect Insult At Her 36-Year-Old DJ Friend After He Insults Taylor Swift

*******Full disclosure:*******
This post is about two artists tweeting at each other. If you clicked on over here for anything but a bunch of tweets, well. Here we are.

You guys know Diplo? DJ, Grammy nominee, butt enthusiast, twerk-inciter, general scamp with a delightful smile. I love a lot of things about Diplo and a lot of things he’s done. We’ve all made out with a Diplo type once, right? We’ve all texted a Diplo type and been like, “damn, he is not going to answer that, but what a babe” and then he answers three weeks later at 2AM and you aren’t even mad because it’s like, “yeah, that seems like exactly what I expected.” And the world keeps turning.

Well, Diplo went ahead and Diplo-ed. And then Lorde—yung genius, Grammy winner, wonderful friend to many, person with genuine talents who doesn’t seem to brag a lot, teenager who is cool with being a teenager—replied to him. And it was Good. Diplo is lucky to be counted among the Lorde’s friends (they’ve shared selfie space, he has a track on the ‘Hunger Games’ soundtrack she curated), so it feels like this is all in good, “get fucked, dickweed!” type mean fun. Maybe it is Alex from Target, but for the ‘Hunger Games’ Soundtrack? But probably not. Above is their exchange (screenshotted for your safety), and below are some reactions to it that are worth six seconds of your time. May the Lorde be with you.

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