Horror Classic ‘The Shining’ Gets IKEA Makeover In This Creepy Video

REDRUM could totally be the name of an IKEA bedroom set.

If you didn’t think the idea of going to IKEA (and subsequently having to assemble the furniture) was terrifying enough, here is a video to freak you out if you’re sensitive to Stanley Kubrick flicks. IKEA Singapore published this video to promote a spooky contest, but the video itself is pretty great if you’re a fan of ‘The Shining.’ They do a good job of copying the signature camera movement and ambient aesthetic of the horror classic. I was hoping this would be a promo for ‘Shining’ inspired furniture, but alas, it would appear we must wait another year for a ‘Blook Soaked Malm Foyer Rug.’ Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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