10 Simply Undeniable Reasons You Need To Celebrate Tonight

The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby

1. You’re alive and well enough to be reading this, plus you have an Internet connection, which means you have countless entertainment outlets, pieces of knowledge, and ways to connect with people at your fingertips.

2. Someone in this world wants nothing more than to see you happy. Multiple people if we’re being realistic.

3. Birthdays? Whatever. Every day is another day of being able to experience consciousness, however you choose to do it. You can eat a tub of ice cream or smoke a ton of weed or run 26 miles or just look at the ceiling and smile.

4. You’re hot. People look at you and think that you’re hot, regardless of whatever negative things you think about your appearance. Go out and be hot in public.

5. Someone just made a lasting connection with another human being who they’re completely and totally in stupid love with, right at this very second. If it’s not you right now, it will be someday.

6. Your favorite song exists. Listen to it loudly while you shower, or quietly with your headphones in a peaceful place, or blast it out of the windows of your car so everyone can hear it. Who cares? Go out with that song in your head and let it be the soundtrack to a perfect evening.

7. Someone out there is having a horrible, soul-crushing monster of a day and they feel like it will never get better. Maybe that person is you. Either way, celebrate the fact that it will get better with time, or at least easier to deal with. If you celebrate tonight, you might remind a lover, friend, or total stranger that better times are possible.

8. That thing you used to hate doing is now the thing you don’t have to do anymore. This is a new chapter.

9. You can go out tonight and change the course of the rest of your life in a positive way, just by showing up and being present instead of being preoccupied with all the other bullshit that brings you down.

10. You don’t need a reason, list, article, website, person, or anything at all to tell you to celebrate. You can do it on your own terms, we all can, and we don’t need any permission or approval to do so. You know what? I’ll drink to that. Cheers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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