You’ll Wish You Had More Time With Her

David Valuja
David Valuja

Stolen time
with borrowed lies
Reflection deep
into cracks you seep
With an ego so large
love is starved
The need to feel wanted
leaves your heart stunted
Gasping for air
pulling her hair
The room turns sour
clock chimes the hour
Feeling your disgrace
seeing her face

Was it worth the thrill
knowing what you’ve spilled
Soiled the trust
for mediocre lust
Moments of weak
causing her heart to bleed
Cheating yourself
of what she felt
Her sadness won’t last
she’ll leave you in the past
It’s you that will suffer
using them as a buffers

Chasing the dragon
lost in your pattern
It’s a high you won’t match
a lock you can’t latch
Searching for a purpose
without scratching the surface
You’ve fallen too far
fearing the scars

You’ve lost what you seek
on every mountain peak
It was her, now she’s gone
like an unfinished song
Looping over and over
impossibly sober
Alone in your mind
wishing for stolen time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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