10 Places You Might Find The ‘Right’ Person For You

Finding the one destined for you is not an easy task. Most of us tried hard in looking for that special someone – going on dates, parties even extended their search to the virtual world. But again, it is not easy and not everyone is lucky to really find that perfect one.

Whether you are the type who wants to control his/her destiny or the one who just let destiny run its course, here are some suggestions that might help you in finding that person that will make everything right and will make you feel complete.

1. Conventions and seminars

Whether academic or hobby-centered, these kinds of events are good places to find your right match. Finding someone with the same interest as you is a good start to build connection or simply start a conversation. Moreover, there is a high chance that this person will understand your interest or has the same level of intellect as yours.

2. Parties

There are people who don’t find parties really fun. Whether it is a birthday of a friend or relative, a house warming of a new neighbour, the graduation of your cousin, office parties or holiday celebrations and other festivities, there are just moments when you don’t find that excitement or motivation to attend.

But whatever is your reason for not liking parties, the fact that you are missing these kinds of events is also the same with missing the chance of meeting your potential sweetheart.

Moreover, I know, not all of us have the guts to go and talk to total strangers or more hangout with them. But we should not miss any opportunities given to us. Don’t let the boring party bore you more because you refuse to mingle and contented to stay and sulk in the corner.

Go ahead. Give it a shot and see what happens.

3. School

Most relationships in this world started in a four cornered classroom, in a hallway, under the school tree or in the library. School is one of the greatest places for socialization. It is also a place where you can show your talents and skills so someone out there might notice you. But remember, even if schools can be a good potential for finding your suitable mate, keep in mind that it is still a place for learning.

4. Office

Others may not find it very appealing to go out with workmates. Professional relationships are sometimes at stake. There is also conflict of interests. Whatever the issue or the factors may be, you just have to know how to handle the situation or the relationship properly. This is not the least place where you can find the one, however, it can be an option.

5. Book stores

Most of us are not book lovers and so these may not apply to all. But wouldn’t it be so romantic to find that special someone behind the hundred shelves of books? You may not exactly find your favorite book character come alive, but at least a person who reads can offer you good conversation.

Thank a boy who will buy you a drink but go out with a man who will buy you a book.

6. Restaurants / Coffee Shops

These are places where it is nice to hang out and relax. But it is also a good place to bump into someone you might never know may change your life.

While relaxing in your favorite coffee shop or just having a bite in that restaurant near your office, be observant to customers coming in and out of the place. Expose yourself and wear a smile that will make everyone turn their heads toward you.

7. Parks

Parks are one of the public places where you can hopefully find someone that may appeal to your interest. Just keep an eye open to prospects. You don’t need a fancy outfit (which is obviously not appropriate for the place) or heavy color in your face. Just wear a cute smile and be friendly to that cute guy always there taking his jog. On the other hand, you should be careful with strangers and suspicious looking individuals.

As a bonus, here are some of the places you should avoid when you are on the go of meeting someone.

8. Family reunions

Obviously, people who will be coming in these occasions are probably connected to you, by blood. And having an affair with a person, even so he/she is a distant relative does not really sound romantic.

So don’t put so much expectation on finding the right person during these occasions. Your cousin may bring his/her friend but make sure that it is just really his/her friend. You don’t want to end up having a conflict or awkward situation with your best cousin

9. Bars

If you want to find Mr./Ms. Right don’t expect him/her in a place full of booze and dizzy lights. You may find some random guy/gal that will flirt with you, but this will only give you fleeting pleasures or a temporary escape on the loneliness you are currently feeling. Often times, these encounters end up in your regret closet.

Lucky are those who have found their true love under the psychedelic lights. You may want to take risks, but remember that people who go to bars are either stressed out or are just looking for fun. And I know that no one wants to be part of that “kind of fun”.

10. Cyberspace

There might be lucky souls who have found their mate in social media or dating sites. But often times, what you find on these sites are lies that may not just hurt you emotionally but may also endanger your life.

Don’t invest time with people you don’t see personally. Avoid being too attached to avatars and cute emoticons. Personal relationships are more of the time complicated. How much more those that are virtual?

Not everyone is lucky in love. The odds that we can find our better half may not go in our favor. Many have waited long and were even hurt during the process. But if we really want to be with the one, we just have to keep on getting every opportunity that comes our way. Go out, have fun and be happy. Don’t be selfish and expose yourself to the world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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