This Is What You Should Consider When Someone Calls You Fat

“You’re so fat!”

Most of us have probably received this remark from friends, relatives, classmates, or some strangers we’ve met in the past and had the chance to meet in the present. I, myself, have received this blow, and I know just like any other girls out there, we often get hurt or worse, offended by this insensitive remark.


Why do we have to take this remark negatively? Why are we so offended when we hear people say this to us? Why is everyone taking this simple remark as something so negative?

Is it because we don’t want to be seen as someone who’s gotten chubby over a single slice of pizza? Is it because we don’t want to be reminded of the horrors of not being able to fit in our own clothes? Is it because we don’t want others to notice the layers of fat we try so hard to conceal?

Whatever reasons we have, we simply don’t like to be called that flabby girl. But why? There’s nothing wrong with having extra pounds. There’s nothing wrong with having a few layers of fats in our belly. It’s natural.

Perhaps the reason why most of us are getting hurt by this is because we believe that being fat means being ugly. We believe that being fat means not being physically appealing. And with all the sexy models and Victoria’s Secret Angels roaming around the earth, you won’t definitely feel good with all the flabs wiggling every now and then between your body.

Flabby girls just don’t have a place in this cruel and commercialized world. Being fat doesn’t fit in the society’s formula of beautiful and sexy. Fat is not how you would like to see your Facebook profile photo and Instagram selfies.

You may not agree with me. You may even cite examples on how other plus size women are being admired for their body. But like it or not, the world is just cruel with those who are extra big for their normal sizes. And with the internet and social media, everything just gets worst.

But why do we have to be like that? Why do we have to feel bad about one simple comment about our body? You’ve gotten fat. So what? Let’s not feel awkward, hurt, insecure, conscious or depress over simple remarks of “You’ve gotten fat”, or “You’re so fat.” These comments do not mean that you are not pretty.

Let us not equate “You’re so fat” to “You’re so ugly.” Because they’re not equal. “You’re fat” simply means you’ve gained some weight, but it doesn’t make you less of a person. It doesn’t make you less beautiful.

We should all stop stressing from these innocuous remarks. Let us not over think things. People just have the tendency to notice the noticeable and comment about it and even post it online. Instead of feeling hurt or offended, try to be positive about it. Perhaps, you, getting additional pounds may mean a good thing. You may be better with additional layers of flesh, instead of being all skinny and zombie-like.

Well, there are cases where extreme body weight may be a threat to us. It may be a medical condition that needs to be taken care of immediately. In this case, we should do the appropriate action to prevent something bad from happening. Perhaps, a change in lifestyle and exercise will do.

But generally, let us try to change the way we think about the whole fat thing comment. Proper mindset can help us avoid unnecessary stress. Don’t let other’s opinions stop us from being happy about ourselves. Let’s be proud of who we are. Let’s not be ashamed of our bodies. Letting others dictate what will make us happy, will only make us unhappy. Because we cannot please anyone. And also, let us not compare ourselves to super models or other people. Our body is different from each other. We are unique. We are insulting ourselves by comparing our body with others. We are all beautiful in our own special way.

So when someone told you, you’ve gotten fat, just confidently tell them, “Oh really?! Thank you! Do you think it suits me?.” If they say yes, then way to go. If they say no, then thank them for being honest enough and tell them “Love my curves!” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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