This Is Everything I Am Not, And Everything You May Want Me To Be

Flickr / Alex
Flickr / Alex

I am not a trophy girlfriend

I have a confession to make. And I know you will be very disappointed. I just want you to know that I am not a trophy girlfriend.

I don’t have sexy lips like that of Angelina Jolie. All I have is a pair of small-unnoticed lips, which are not afraid to share thoughts, ideas, dreams, and aspirations. Lips smeared not by branded lipstick, but with words that can convey feelings.

My eyes are not expressive and beautiful that have the power to astound someone like that of Mila Kunis. All I have are eyes, small enough to ignore your physical weaknesses but big enough to discover the real person inside you. Eyes that can see the truth behind your lies and eyes that are not afraid to shed a tear for a friend.

Even my nose is not perfect. It is rough, full of pimples, blackheads and is surrounded by freckles. But it has the strength to tolerate even your most stinky sweatpants or unlaundered socks. Even though it is not contoured in the most elegant way just like that of a movie star, still, it can remember your unique sweet smell.

I don’t have ears that will make jewels look like gold. All I have are big and flawed ears that I used to listen to your thoughts, ideas, dreams, or even to your stupid rants. I know that my ears cannot be prettied by gems or any accessories. Even though they are imperfect, I still love them, because they are the only ears that can hear even the words that are left unspoken.

My fingers are not soft, slender, and long. In fact, they are short, crooked, and calloused. I am definitely sure that you will be disappointed once you touch them, for they are not meant for “holding other’s hands.” My fingers were only capable of doing your laundry, in washing the dishes and in cleaning your mess. With my fingers, all I can offer is a soft tap on the back.

I don’t wear branded and pretty clothes to look nice. My fashion statement is limited to wearing t-shirt and jeans. Actually, I envy your loose shirts, because they really looked comfortable. If only I can wear them, I would. I hate tube tops and skirts, because it prevents me from moving and doing things freely. I am contented with clean and neat ones.

I also hate heels. I am aware that girls should wear heels to increase their confidence, to look sexy, to improve posture and blah blah. But heels make me crazy! It leaves my feet sore and I can’t even stand on them for five minutes. I know rubber shoes won’t make me sexy least improve my posture, but it helps me to walk easily and faster, so I can catch up with your long strides. Sandals can be fashionable too at times. And flats! Well, they are just my favorite.

So again, sorry to disappoint you, but I am not your dream girlfriend – a precious prize you can win against other guys.

I am not a trophy girlfriend whom you can proudly introduce to the world – whose beauty is meant to make others jealous. I don’t have a face that can launch a thousand ships or can even start a war like that of Helen’s.

I am just an ordinary, simple, and boring girl. A girl who can offer you company and will stay by your side for as long as you need her. A girl who will listen and tolerate your rants or frustrations to the world and not the girl who will receive praises from others because of her astounding beauty. I am just a girl who can be your partner, your lover, your friend, your confidant or your sister. I don’t have a sexy body to offer. All I can offer is a good conversation over the table.

You must understand that I am not a trophy girlfriend that you will be most proud of.

I am who I am.

And I am one in my kind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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