Why All Women Should Stop Searching For Mr. Perfect

Flickr / Stephanie Overton
Flickr / Stephanie Overton

We all have our own standards when it comes to our ideal partner. Handsome, intelligent, caring, understanding and romantic – these could be just some of those qualities.

There is nothing wrong with having standards. It’s even a good thing, because it will guide us to the kind of partner we would like to spend the rest of our lives with.

However, women should know where to set the bar when it comes to their standards in men. (Admit it, we all have that high standard when it comes to the opposite sex). In our standards, we want them to be perfect. And no matter how we acknowledged that no such person exists, we still keep on looking for Mr. Perfect Prince Charming.

Here are the reasons why women should stop looking or waiting for Prince Charming in a white horse:

No matter where we look, or how long we wait, Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist.

I would also like to believe that somewhere in this world, there is someone as perfect as Prince Charming waiting for me with open arms. But I know, and I have to bravely admit, that no such person exists.

Prince Charming or Mr. Perfect will never exist in our world. What the world has, are REAL insensitive men who sometimes take women for granted, or men who cheats with their partner. I am not saying that all men are assholes, they just sometimes act like one.

I believed that there are still good guys out there. But these good guys can never be perfect. They have their faults, just like us, and that what makes them real.

If in case, Mr. Perfect does exist, he is probably gay (and he would be very happy to be your bff).

Kind, sweet and handsome. No one understands and appreciates you more than him. Your dad and mom like him. He is the best thing that ever happened to you. He is the perfect one.

The problem is, he will never love you the way you love him. Because he likes someone else. And no matter what you do, you will never be that someone. And the least thing that can happen between the two of you, is unending friendship.

There is probably something going on with men that are too good to be true… Matt Bomer? Ricky Martin? Jim Parsons?

If he is perfect, then he must deserve someone that is perfect too.

We can all agree that Brad Pitt deserves Angelina, and vice versa. They make the best couple in the history of mankind. They are perfect for each other.

If we want someone that is perfect, we should strive hard to deserve that person.
That perfect someone that we want, exists in a different world. A normal and ordinary woman cannot possibly exist in that same universe, unless some divine or cosmic intervention happens.

Being perfect or at least a “good” person, is not just for that ideal partner. It is also for our own self-confidence which will definitely be a problem when having a relationship with that almost perfect person.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming about our own prince charming. However, we should be realistic that such person could probably doesn’t exist.

Real men can be assholes sometimes, whether it is in their genes or it is something that they do, these weaknesses are the same weaknesses that make them real.

One of the greatest lessons in any kind of relationships, is that we should not expect our partners to be perfect, because it is not about being Mr. Perfect that matters, it is about being perfect for that person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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