4 Reasons Why Hopeless Romantics Will Most Likely Stay Single

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There are many reasons as to why you have not yet found “Mr. Right.” Perhaps believing in magic and fairy tales are some of the things that prevents us from the realities of relationships. Being a hopeless romantic is not a bad thing, but it may influence our views and opinions when it comes to love and dating. Here are 4 reasons why being a hopeless romantic may stop you from finding your true happiness.

1. You believe that life/love is a fairy tale or some kind of chick flick

Hopeless romantics often see their life as some kind of a fairy tale or a famous movie chick flick with really romantic and cheesy story plot. Life may be a movie. But it is a kind of movie in which you can’t control or direct what will happen in the story. We are all living in a spontaneous movie of come what mays, so don’t expect a predictable plot for your life.

Don’t disappoint yourself on the illusions of a grand romantic scene at the Eiffel tower with a godlike gorgeous man kneeling in front of you asking “will you be mine?”. Whilst some chick flick are based on personal experiences, this should not necessarily be applied to all. Every single person in the world has their own unique life/love story to tell.

Fairy tales have happy ending, life doesn’t always give you that. Chick flicks flutter your heart, but reality will always disappoint you. Be real and live your life according to reality to avoid disappointments.

2. You tend to stay in your own world of make believe

Since they believe that they are living in some kind of a fairy tale, they tend to let destiny take its course. Hopeless romantic girls are like princesses who watch everyone in the world in their own castle windows. They stay there until it’s late for them to realize that they should have explored the other side of the world to meet other people.

People who wanted to engage in romantic relationships do something to make it happen. Explore and expose yourself to other people other than those who are already in your circle. It may take time to meet the right one, but the probability of meeting someone is higher than just staying inside your comfort zone.

3. You have unrealistic expectations on every romantic situation

Hopeless romantics always find themselves in a room full of disappointments because they let their expectations take over reality. If life and love were to take its course on our own preferences, it would be a boring and predictable life. Let life surprise you, even to the point of disappointments. This way you will experience both worlds and be ready for it.

4. You tend to have high standards in men

Hopeless romantic girls tend to pattern their preferences and standards based on the movies and romantic stories they are exposed to. There is no problem with having high standards. It is even a good thing as it will be a good guide to sort out quality men. However, this also means shortening your list of probable mates.

We are not perfect, and neither are men. We can’t expect them to be the same hero we read from romance novels. They are not like the leading handsome men in chick flicks. Real men have flaws. These flaws make them real. So stop fantasizing about that handsome dominant alpha hero on a white horse. Because the real world has men clothed in shirts, jeans and a pair of sneakers.

There is no wrong in being a hopeless romantic. I think, every woman deserves her moments of dreaming and fantasizing about her own love story. But we should not let these moments affect how we deal and interact with others, especially with the opposite sex. Practical and independent women get what they want because they are aware of reality and the importance of making compromises. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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