When It Comes To Love, You Should Never Settle For Second Best

@saltinourhair / Twenty20.com
@saltinourhair / Twenty20.com

I promised that I’d settle for what was safe. I promised myself countless times to take the road everyone else takes. But there is one thing that I refuse to settle for, and that’s love.

There is something about human nature that tells us to settle. In the end, all we have is melancholy, because we choose something out of convenience securing ourselves to be steady.

Never settle for love that makes you feel so secured that a good morning or a goodnight text is already an assumption for the relationship. Know your worth. And when it comes to love, your worth is limitless.

Maybe it’s OK to settle for most things. I mean what’s wrong with settling on what kind of video game player you are, someone who just gets beaten by your friend every day? Sometimes, to settle is our only choice. Sometimes, settling makes us gain stability and it’s key to a peaceful sleep.

But man, never settle with love. Love should keep you upbeat and intoxicated. Love should give you that tingling feeling that tells you to search for more despite anything. At the same time, choose a love that doesn’t make you less of a person. Choose someone out of love, not out of your loneliness. Moreover, choose love that keeps the sparkles that radiate in you. A love that keeps the fire and the beautiful art that you are as a person.

However, allow love to take you closer to your inevitable fate. Love should make you doubt. Love should make you fear. But remember, love, above all, should make us crave for love we all deserve—love that is forevermore.

In most things in life, it’s OK to settle. Take the road everyone else passes through. Choose a smooth path. The safe one. One that makes us sleep peacefully.

But remember when it comes to love, choose the path less taken. The path that makes us crave for more and the track that never permits us to settle. Choose the love that makes you weak on your knees even when you’re standing at your tallest. Get a love that gives you a hastening rush when you wake up from your sleep at 3 am. The one that thrills you. Love that keeps you galvanized in obsession.

When “the one” comes to me face to face I won’t say “no thank you” in spite of all the pain I’ve experienced through love, but rather I’d say yes to that love offered. Maybe because the thought of committing myself to something else other than the NBA and Friends series, rainy-day Starbucks sessions and my wickedness and vanity isn’t so bad to try. Maybe I need someone to share a cup of coffee with. Because really, only one thing keeps us alive and going, and in this one thing we just cannot settle for less—love. Because really, after all, why does love scare us if it’s the only thing that can complete us? What is so scary about love? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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