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The 10 Things I Love About You

Exactly one year ago, on the Notes app on my iPhone, I started a running list of all the things I love about you. We had only been dating a couple of months at this point, but I was head over heels (let’s be honest, I still am) and had fallen hard for you. The list on my phone is quite long, but these are 10 of my favorite things I love about you.

1. Your green eyes and your warm, welcoming smile. How you have an attractive, slightly southern voice and do not sound like Mickey Mouse. (This happened to me multiple times while using dating apps—no joke. But that is a story for another time.)

2. Your touch. How you hold my hand and trace figure eights on my palm with your thumb, causing a cascade of sparks to electrify my spine. How you rub my nose against yours and give me the gentlest forehead kisses. How we have the best tickle fights that I always seem to lose.

3. Your singing. How when your favorite tune comes on the radio you bust out into song, and even though you say you do not have a good singing voice, I think you do.

4. Your gifts. How you give the most thoughtful gifts – complimenting my love language (receiving gifts).

5. Your time. How you make time for me, how you want to hang out with me consistently and not only once or twice a week. How you check in with me daily about how I am doing and how my day is going.

6. Your sense of adventure. How you push me to try new things and how I feel like I have been introduced to a whole new world. If anything happens to our relationship, my newfound love for Firehouse Subs just might be worth it.

7. Your trusting heart and your patience. You know I write things, and you are okay that I am not ready to share them with you yet (but maybe I will share this one). You know I will share them when I am ready and you are not upset about having to wait.

8. Our future. How when I look at you, I can actually see you waiting for me at the end of the aisle. I can picture myself walking towards you, crying tears of joy, of course, and saying, “I do.” We have the same dream too: lots of land, fun toys, a family, too many dogs. This makes fantasizing about our future easy.

9. You bring out the best in me. You inspire me to be the best person I can be. I want to be better for you.

10. You are not afraid of my emotions. You always tell me I am allowed to feel the way I feel, that I have the right to feel what I feel. Every time I open up to you, every time I am vulnerable, you comfort me, hold me, and love me, instead of running away, instead of being afraid. I think this is what I love about you most of all; it is a rare trait indeed, in my experience.

This list is endless as I find myself adding more to it each day. To my forever lover, I love you infinity. You are the Mr. Darcy to my Lizzy.

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