15 Reasons I Want To Leave America And Move To Costa Rica

Flickr / Armando Maynez
Flickr / Armando Maynez

1. You can go to a local coffee plantation for your morning cup o’ joe.

And eat raw sugar cane. And make chocolate. All in the same pit stop.

2. My workaholic self survived without a computer.

Didn’t even miss the laptop. Or Netflix. Or respond to an email (sorry work). Who knew!!

3. Biodiversity, biodiversity, biodiversity.

Animals unidentifiable to the American eye run rampant and once I took a jungle walk next to a stray horse. Plus Howler Monkey babies are CUUUUUTE!

4. The ocean is like a giant hot tub.

Seriously. But without the burn when you stick your toes in. And cute surf instructors.

5. Life is cheap and simple.

A horseback riding instructor told me that paying 500 colones for a fresh coconut is outrageous. This means that 94 cents is paying too much for a sweet slice of heaven!

6. Kanye isn’t running for office there.

Seriously if this shit happens I am leaving this country for good.


8. That Hammock Life.

On the beach, at your hotel, eating lunch, getting a massage. You bet you can lay in a hammock.

9. The Limes!

Cut open a fresh lime and you’ll see that it’s bright yellow-orange in the middle and good enough to eat plain. Seriously, why don’t we have these here?

10. No one wears globs of makeup.

You don’t realize just how great this is until you realize how much money this saves, how much extra time you have in the morning, and how much your eyelashes will thank you.

11. Sick of the weather today? Go somewhere else.

Costa Rica is the size of West Virginia and has 27 different microclimates.

12. People will go out of their way to help and befriend you.

After living the pure vida lifestyle for so long, people jump at the chance to help out a lost traveler, translate each item on the menu for you, and help you find that wooden coffee mug with the monkey on it that you saw earlier.

13. Friendly doggies roam the streets.

Whether there’s a massive dog homelessness problem, or people just don’t keep their dogs in the yard, there’s always a furry pooch to snuggle with on the beach.

14. Bob Esponga.

My favorite discovery was Spongebob Squarepants name in Spanish.

15. I reset my life.

Being abroad always reminds me what’s truly important to me, that I don’t need to live glued to my iPhone, and that the world is much bigger than you think it is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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