I Didn’t Choose To Fall In Love With You, It Just Happened

Andrew Welch

The word ‘Choice’ is described in the dictionary as an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more opportunities. You see we as humans make choices everyday, from the choice of waking up or staying in bed 10 minutes longer to the choice of whether or not to message that one boy first. Life is made up of so many choices, from the small insignificant ones to the ones that take weeks to decide on. We make choices and in turn I believe choices make us.

Although I believe all this to be true there comes a crucial time in every one of our lives where for a small, simple moment we don’t get to make any decisions or choices. We don’t get to decide and we certainly don’t get a say in what happens. Its as if we don’t even realize its happening and all of sudden you just know, this moment I’m talking about, is the moment you fall in love with someone.

Falling in love with you was not a choice. It just happened.

Too often people think we pick who we love and it goes from there. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Love chooses us. For me I just woke up one day and realized it was you. It had been you for a long time. I woke up and realized that if I could have you by my side everyday for the rest of time I’d be the luckiest person in the world.

Loving someone comes with the risk of knowing that they can completely destroy you, but you take the chance anyway. Feeling more hope than fear.

That’s what love really is, a hope and faith within someone other than yourself. Love is not understanding what you’re feeling because there isn’t a word in the English dictionary to describe what you feel. Love is reckless. Love is a hurricane. Love is also calm. Love is also peace. Love is also comfortable. Love is being able to put their happiness before yours. Love is being able to accept their flaws. Love is confusing. Love is difficult. Love is risky. But love above anything else has got to be the most wonderful, extraordinary and beautiful thing about this life.

I am in love with you.

I did not choose to fall in love with you. It simply happened. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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