She's Many Things, But She's Not Hard To Love

She’s Many Things, But She’s Not Hard To Love

No, she is not hard to love.

She can be moody and hardheaded and incredibly stubborn—my god is she stubborn—but that does not make her hard to love.

She hates being wrong; she’ll ask for advice and consistently disregard what you offer. She has an ego about her that can sometimes come off too strong, and more than anything else, she hates being told what to do.

She’s both a deadly and irresistible combination of independent and self sufficient; she will rarely ask for your help, and she has a very hard time letting people get close to her.

She may sometimes make self-deprecating comments and act unscathed to others innocent jokes about her, but let me remind you that she feels everything very deeply.

It may be hard to understand her when her actions don’t match her words, but still, she is not hard to love.

Sometimes she will isolate herself because at times the world will feel too heavy and she needs a little space to breathe. If you get too close, she may try to pull away from you, but hold her close when she tries to push you away.

Understand the difference between the two, and trust me, there is a difference between the two.

She has a tendency to obsess over the small things, but she really does believe it’s the little things in life that matter the most.

She is definitely an all or none kind of person; she displays her emotions like an open book but is quick to become defensive if someone acknowledges her negative attributes.

That being said, be gentle yet honest with your criticisms of her. She takes everything to heart and holds on to what others think of her. She appreciates truthful criticisms, so don’t feel the need to butter her up with compliments—in fact, that will simply annoy her. Short and sweet, black and white one day but all shades of gray when it suits her, she’s not hard to love on any day.

There will be days where she barely speaks to you, and there will be days where she just won’t shut up. She will go on and on about things that may be of little interest to you, but try to listen to her because In return, she will be the best listener you have ever encountered.

So while there is no denying that she has qualities that may seem like they are hard to love, she herself is not hard to love.

She is worth every headache and heartache; her good days are worth a thousand bad ones, and her heart is bigger than what she wears on her sleeve.

She’s guarded because she’s been hurt before; she is stubborn because she’s afraid of losing her independence, and she is jaded because she has seen how easily this world can turn on those who offer up too much of themselves too soon.

But my god, is she worth it. She will make you feel loved if you love her in return. She will love all of you unconditionally if you can accept the parts of her that may seem hard to love.

Over the years, she was built and reformed, she was weathered and worn down, but that has made her all the more worth loving.

She does not have qualities that are hard to love. She just has parts of her that need a little more nurturing and acceptance. But I promise you, she is worth every last stitch of effort. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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