Darling, Don’t Wait For Him

Drew Wilson

You don’t give yourself enough credit for the grit in your teeth and the power behind your voice. You walk with your head held low and your arms wrapped around yourself at night because you feel like you’re not enough. Like your loneliness and sadness must mean that you’re not good enough and like your happiness is dependent upon the amount of love you receive from others.

But you forget, I think, that the most important love—the most valuable voice you can listen to—comes from you. It’s all about you. 

Your life is long, and your dreams may seem small, but you’ve got a heart made for loving and a mind ready for wonder. You have to find comfort in your tears and solitude in the dark nights you spend wishing you were with him. You have to believe that you are enough in your own skin. Stop searching for the person that makes you think you’re whole and start shouting to the wind that you are complete just the way you are.

It’s a tough journey, but you’ve proven time and again over the years that you have enough strength and determination to withstand even the longest of falls.

You have eyes that look like they’re begging for love and affection, but you forget that your bones are built of stone, and your heart beats with only you in mind. It was not built with pieces missing so you could spend your valuable time looking for your counterpart in the arms of those who say they love you. You were built whole because you are whole. You are not a piece of a puzzle looking for the one that hides your jagged edges.

You may feel like you can’t be alone, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need. It gives you reassurance and allows opportunity to find your purpose.

Being alone and feeling alone are not one in the same, but both are acceptable emotions. As long as you don’t let your sadness overtake the beauty that you hold in even the deepest holes of your heart, you will be okay. You will come out on top, and you will learn that being alone feels like contentment rather than sadness. 

You have a heart made of fire and a soul ready to be loved, but darling, you have to love yourself first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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