7 Things I’ve Learned In My First Year Of College (So Far)


1. Everyone will cry

Whether it is during a movie, finals, or just because everyone will cry and it is okay. Do not be ashamed of your emotions and stress levels. Own them and let the waters gush.

2. Tinder is not the answer

Frankly tinder is good for random hookups, but if you want a long term relationship it is not the place to look. Not only is it sketchy, most of the time people just say the weirdest things. Hit the books, not the like button.

3. Do not let people define you

Just because the group you hang out with seems ‘cool’ doesn’t always mean that they are. Do not let your friend dictate who you will be in college, find people who support you and will be there with you.

4. Happiness is a choice

Not everyone has to be happy all of the time. But choosing to be happy and see the good in things is a great skill to have.

5. Your roommate(s) do not have to be your best friends

Sometimes it is easier just to live with someone you can live well with and not someone that you spend 24/7 with. You get space from your bestie which is often vital to your friendships

6. Homework sucks, but just do it

It sucks I get it. But just do it, especially if it plays into your final grade. It can help if you slacked on one of your tests!

7. It only gets worse from here

You think freshmen year was hard? Wait till you are juggling an internship, full course load, a boyfriend, and two jobs. Enjoy the first year while it lasts. TC mark

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