3 Common Types Of Guys In Women’s Lives

Unsplash / Olu Eletu
Unsplash / Olu Eletu

1. The Homies

The Homies can be the guys that you just met last week or have known forever. You can drink with them, shoot the bull with them, have a good time with them, without ever getting too close. Don’t get me wrong, Homies can be ride-or-dies. They can be reliable friends and confidants, or simply the guy that actually knows the promoter. However, there is a proper place for Homies and that’s in the friend zone. Homies are great to keep around and can last as long you want, but do not hook-up with your Homie. At some point, drunken or not, you might think why have I not hooked up with my Homie? DON’T DO IT. If at some point, you think there might be a slight possibility that you have feelings for him, you don’t. When you first meet your Homie and think he’s a Homie, then he’s a homie.

2. Fuck And Chuck

The Fuck and Chuck is a guy that you’re physically attracted to but know that there is no future there. Fuck and Chucks can be that fuck boy who’s a friend-of-friend or that hot guy in the dark club. How long your relationship lasts with the fuck and chuck differs from case-to-case. Some are your typical one-night stands while others can last months. However, don’t confuse your fuck and chuck with your Homie. Homies can be your wingman but Homies should not fuck you themselves. Some people like to use the term “friends with benefits” but I think that can lead to confusion. Remember they are a friend for fucking, fuck’em chuck’em and move on.

3. Potential Future Hubbies

You’ll know who they are almost immediately. Potentially Future Hubbies -or long-term boyfriends/lovers or whatever you consider to be your most permanent level of relationship- do not just walk into your life every other day. He’s the type of guy you want to do everything with and this type of connection is special. If you love and respect him, do so. Don’t play games, don’t mask your feelings. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Caution: Some guys will at first seem to be a Potentially Future Hubby but if you get to know them better and you cannot see yourself with them, for whatever reason, move them out of this category. Make him a Homie or chuck him but don’t hold unto something that isn’t there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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