10 Perfect Ways To Backpack Through Europe Alone On A Budget


1. First, stop making excuses that you are broke and have no one to go with. Just fucking buy a plane ticket, it is the best thing you will ever do

2. Plan after you have your ticket
, that way you can’t bail because you’ve already spent a grand and that would just be stupid.

3. Don’t listen to people as they try to scare you
by saying “It isn’t safe to travel alone as a girl” because yes they may be right in some ways, but you could use the same logic to never leave your house again due to all the shit that happens in your neighborhood. You can’t live in fear so take this opportunity to show yourself your bravery.

4. Make a loose plan as to where you want to go and what you want to see,
but leave yourself open for whatever comes up. For example, spontaneity can take you to the coast of Italy where you meet a boy with an accent and swim in waterfalls. You never know?

5. Definitely, definitely stay in hostels.
They are cheap and you meet people from all over the world, one may even become your best friend. Everyone is down to hang out, plus they might know about something you absolutely need to see, where as otherwise you wouldn’t have a clue it even existed.

6. I highly recommend eating your way through a country through their street food vendors.
It’s delicious, cheap, and an authentic way to take in culture.

7. You don’t get hangovers from French wine.

8. Make friends with locals.
They know where all the best spots are and let’s be honest, touristy places are not where it’s at. Unless you actually like fanny packs and the smell of sunscreen.

9. Try to learn key words in the language of the country you’re in.
It’ll get you a long way and show that you are trying to communicate in their language rather then being an uneducated American. People will be more willing to help you.

10. Be open to adventure. Be open to new experiences and use your fear of the unknown to keep you aware. I promise it’ll be worth it if you just go. I’m a firm believer that everyone can make it happen if they don’t let fear hold them back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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