7 Telltale Signs Netflix Has Become Your Significant Other

What if I told you that you could have the best relationships of your life, and for only $7.99 a month? I’m talking a relationship with someone who knows how to help you relax after a hard day of work, someone who’s there for you when you can’t fall asleep, and someone who will never talk back. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s true: it’s so easy to lose track of time when you’re spending it with Netflix.

1. You start eating meals with Netflix.

Why go out, when you can have a great meal and all from the convenience of your couch? Netflix doesn’t care if you dress up or not, and you can keep the talking to a minimum. By now you’ve probably mastered balancing your laptop on your knees while scooping rigatoni into your mouth without spilling – you deserve it. Bon Appetit.

2. You fall asleep with Netflix.

After six hours of binge-watching Orange Is The New Black, your mind starts to drift, your eyes start to close, and the sweet voice of Taylor Schilling will eventually soothe you right to sleep. Like a sweet boyfriend, your computer screen will even turn itself off for you. And unlike a sweet boyfriend, it won’t snore.

3. You wake up with Netflix.

What could be better than your morning venti iced skinny vanilla latte? Sharing it with Michael Scott, of course. And there’s also the added benefit of preparing you for a full day of work that comes with watching The Office in the morning over your caffeine fix.

4. Netflix lets you unwind after work.

People are fickle; one second they’re there for you, the next second they’re not. Netflix, on the other hand, is not. Was your boss angry with you for showing up 20 minutes late to the company meeting? Netflix can and will always sympathize, helping you take your mind off that crappy 8-hour workday you just had.

5. You feel comfortable going to the bathroom in front of Netflix.

Just admit it; it’s all a part of relationships’ natural progression anyway.

6. You make room for Netflix in bed.

Your bed is a sacred space and Netflix has earned its place there, right with you, under your covers. With Netflix, you even get to choose which side you want to sleep on.

7. You stop making any other plans that don’t involve you, alone, with Netflix.

You’re starting to favor spending time with Netflix over your other friends. Why? Because it’s just so easy with Netflix. Netflix doesn’t judge you for eating that second piece of cake. Netflix will be there for you if you’re feeling queasy at 2am. Simply put, Netflix is a reliable partner. And at this point, what more could you ask for? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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