To Selfie, Or Not To Selfie? A Flowchart

It’s no secret that everyone is doing it. You’re doing it, the neighbors are doing it, and even your great aunt once removed is doing it. Okay, not it, it (please, let’s take our mind out of the gutter), I’m talking about the selfie.

Since Apple placed that extra camera on the front of our phones, photos have become revolutionized. No longer do you need to ask the stranger next to you to take a snapshot of you hanging by the Eiffel Tower — you can take it all on your own.

Now trust me, we LOVE the occasionally selfie, (Pope Francis posing with his loyal followers melts our hearts, and do I even need to mention Ellen’s Oscar selfie that shut down Twitter?) But not all selfies are created equal. There’s a time and a place for the hand held pic, and we’ve narrowed it down for you.

Navigate the whens and when nots of taking a selfie with our flow chart. It’ll ensure you’re getting the most hearts on instagram…shhh…your secret is safe with us.

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