6 Emojis That Should Definitely Exist


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last three years, and have an iPhone, I’m sure at least half of your messages contain an emoji.

The smiley kissy face, the cup of coffee and A-Okay sign can practically sum up my feelings without even typing a word (and I’m a big fan of words.)

This June will mark two years since Apple last updated the keyboard. With over 800+ options, you’d think there wouldn’t be much to complain about, but we Apple users can be quite particular.

Celebs like Miley Cyrus and Tahj Mowery started publicly complaining about the lack of diversity, and apparently their viral tweets are making a difference.

An email from Apple’s Vice President of worldwide corporate communications, Katie Cotton, confirms that the tech giant is working on an upgrade.

The news got me thinking about some much needed emotions. Sure, the holiday season might not be for another six months, but incase the Apple Santa needed any hints, I made my personal emoji wish list.

1. Diverse Emojis.

When I can pick out any time of day on the emoji clocks (who even uses those???) and not find a non-white emoji, it’s kind of a problem. I’m on Miley’s side for this one. Apple needs to work on including diversity. Also, what’s up with only 10 national flags? There are WAY more countries than that.

2. Menorah.

Maybe this is the Jewish side coming out, but I already had to grow up without a Christmas tree and Santa, so can we PLEASE at least have a menorah emoji?

3. Anna Wintour. 

Nothing says I’m judging you more than Anna Wintour’s pursed lips. And there are a lot of times my friends need the cyber death glare. However, after further speculation (aka the Kimye cover mishap) an eye rolling emoji is acceptable too.

4. Starbucks Cup. 

How many times do you waste typing out Starbucks when picking out a place to meet the girls? Or more importantly, could you even count the number of times you’ve instagramed an iced skinny vanilla latte and added #starbucks? It’s no exaggeration that the white and green cup is a symbol of our generation, so can Tim Cook embrace that already?

5. Champagne Flutes. 

What says NYE or time to celebrate more than a glass of bubbly? Nothing.

6. Sick/Hungover Emoji.

Take a moment to forget about the emoji with the nurse mask on. A picture’s worth a thousand words, and sometimes we’re too well…cough cough…hungover to even want to send that SMS. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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