For Those Who Find Comfort In Constant Motion

Some people find their place by traveling far and wide and eventually say to themselves, “Oh yes. This is where I will come back to for the rest of my life.” Some people make a connection with their destination and always wish to return to the same one. And then there are those of us who make a connection with every location we go, whose place is not in one destination.

We find our place in the constant motion, in the wonder of where we’re going next. We find it in the unplanned and the last-minute impulsivity. We find our place sleeping in airports with messy hair, unwashed clothes, and nothing but a pack on our backs.

We are the ones who learned how to thrive outside of our comfort zones, the ones who will always challenge ourselves more, take bigger risks and reap greater rewards (as fortune does favor the bold), always running for the thrill and in great pursuit of it. We’re the ones sitting around a fire with straight rum on some far off beach under the stars with no thought of when we will go home, poking fun at each other’s counties, laughing at all the inconveniences that come with traveling. We’re the ones amazed at all the different and similar experiences we’ve all had getting to the same destination from so many different corners of the world.

We are the happiest when we are in transit. We are the ones that refuse to tell ourselves lies just to accept complacency. If we are unhappy, we face our shit and change our scenery.

We are fearless.

We are bare-faced, sun-burned, laughing in some bus or in the bed of some truck filled with chickens after hitch-hiking without knowing where we’re going. We are sticking our heads out the window, smiling into the night with eyes closed just to feel the wind in our hair. Riding, riding, riding just to feel those wheels turn beneath us. We just keep rolling under the stars.

So fall in love with pirates, drink all the rum, watch the sunset. Swim, kiss, and make love in the ocean under the rush of clouds against the full moon and all the stars. Whatever it is, just do what makes you happy. Make your life magic, and don’t you dare ever accept a goddamn thing less. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’ve traveled six continents solo, and killed cancer last week.

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