Alexa, Play ‘Remind Me Of My Worth’

Alexa, remind me that I don’t have to be liked by everyone. Because people’s opinions of me are just a mirror of what they want to see. It doesn’t mean their hatred has anything to do with me.

Alexa, play songs that will help lift my mood. Because right now my anxiety and depression are getting the best of me.

Alexa, remind me that I deserve the kind of love I tell my best friend she deserves. Because I’m tired of trying to convince myself otherwise.

Alexa, remind me that my body doesn’t have to fit into a “one size fits all” beauty standard, because I’m never going to fit in. Remind me that my body is what makes me beautiful.

Alexa, remind me that it’s okay to feel, to cry, to long for the past, to not feel up for talking, to turn down invites, to disassociate with toxic people and anything that is harmful to my mental health.

Alexa, remind me that it’s okay to have dreams and goals and that the outside world doesn’t need to approve of them. Remind me that the world needs more free-thinkers.

Alexa, remind me that I am worthy of love and respect and dignity—from my family, my coworkers, my lovers, my friends.

Alexa, connect me with like-minded people who won’t make me feel so alone, because right now, I feel like no one understands me.

Alexa, remind me to check in with my friends more, the ones who don’t seem like they need it because they might need it the most.

Alexa, remind me to live in the moment more.

Alexa, remind me to disconnect from social media.

Alexa, remind me that my ideas are good and that the world deserves to hear them.

Alexa, remind me to drink less caffeine and more water.

Alexa, remind me to check in with myself.

Alexa, remind me that it’s okay to grieve—over the loss of a person, a dog, or how I thought my life would go.

Alexa, remind me that I don’t need to attain approval for the ways in which I live my life.

Alexa, remind me to look at toxic people for what they are: hurt.

Alexa, play “remind me of my worth” whenever I start to forget it.

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