12 Non-Negotiable Things You're Going To Do Today

12 Non-Negotiable Things You’re Going To Do Today

1. You’re going to send positive vibes out into the world. Not because you need something good to happen to offset your shitty week. But because you work hard and you deserve for good shit to happen. Period.

2. You’re going to glam one thing. You’re going to style your hair, rock a bold shade of lipstick. You’re going to put on an outfit you feel your best in.

3. You’re going to do the thing you hate most about your day first. Maybe that’s a task at work you dread each week. Maybe it’s homework. Maybe it’s having to call your credit card company asking if you can extend your billing period until tomorrow. Maybe it’s working out. Whatever it is, do it early enough in the day that way you omit the stress from your shoulders. Don’t procrastinate.

4. You’re going to do something for yourself. Buy a coffee. Take a walk on your lunch break. Read this article. Write an article. Stop putting yourself last.

5. You’re going to go today without complaining and see how positivity can shift your entire focus.

6. You’re going to jot down three things you’re grateful for this morning. Here’s mine: the first sip of coffee in the morning, writing and my friends.

7. You’re going to post that picture you’re not sure you look great in. Why? Because we are our harshest critics. It’s time to break that stigma. It’s okay to wish you were a different size, had different hair, or a different style. But that doesn’t mean you can’t love and appreciate yourself now.

8. You’re going to put away $5 - in your bank, in your savings account. You’re going to make the decision to start small and be proactive about your future.

9. You’re going to listen to your favorite song today - a song that pumps you up, that hypes you up, that gets you ready to tackle the day. A song you can lose yourself to.

10. You’re going to text someone today - your friend, a relative, your significant other - and ask them how they’re doing. How often do we send a text to someone venting about our day or sharing the latest gossip? Rarely, do we just text someone we love and ask them how they’re doing. Ask. Find out! Maybe someone caring is exactly what that person needs today to have a good day.

11. You’re going to shut your phone off for one hour tonight after you get home from work. There is nothing new on Instagram. There is nothing new on Facebook that’s worth scrolling through. Shut it off for an hour, make dinner, listen to some music and be present in your actual life - not your digital one.

12. You’re going to encourage yourself to do something today that’s outside your comfort zone. Maybe that’s asking for a raise to break the wage gap. Maybe that’s applying for that job or submitting an application for a freelance gig. Maybe it’s as small as being the one to say “hello” to someone first. Do something today that usually makes you uncomfortable and see what kind of results stem from it.

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