10 Things You’re Not Doing Because You’re Too Busy Complaining About Your Shitty Life

Toa Heftiba

1. Fixing up your resume so you can actually land a job in the field you’re passionate in. Finding a job is like a job.

2. Taking a walk around the neighborhood, or opting for a snack of chips and hummus instead of a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Starting out small with your healthy choices. Opting to do twenty minutes of yoga instead of pushing it off until the next day.

3. Responding to your loser ex when he texts you at 2:00am and asks “WYD?”

4. Not sticking up for yourself when your loud-mouth, nasty co-worker insults you in front of a crowd of workers. Allowing people to walk all over you.

5. Not asking for a raise – and then subsequently moving on to another job where you ARE valued.

6. Ignoring texts when your friends ask you to hang out, and then wonder why you’re always at home?

7. Spending all your money on mindless bullshit like books you’ll never read, new makeup, or household decor you’ll donate back to Goodwill next summer instead of being able to travel somewhere in the world you’ve always wanted to. Nashville, Portland, Paris, Los Angeles…they’re not really that out of arm’s reach.

8. Spending and wasting too much time on social media and then wondering why you run out of time to get tasks accomplished. Or wondering why your self-esteem has seemed to lower.

9. Not cleaning up after yourself and then coming home feeling lousy that you can’t just come home and relax.

10. Complaining all the time about how your life could be better instead of investing all that time into actually pursuing it.

Life is only what you make of it, trust me. Get out there and grab the life you’ve always wanted because you’re too smart for settling. So why not start today? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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