5 Terrible Mistakes I’ve Made While Dating That You Should Defnitely Avoid

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I think we all hit that point in our lives (usually our early twenties) when we’re just boy crazy. I don’t envy young women today because they’re growing up in the thick of virtual dating. And I don’t just mean logging into OKCupid. I’m talking about how dense people can be when it comes to dating and getting to know someone. There is such an availability for girls to get mixed up with fuckboys who are always on the hunt for the next best option. So many girls today just settle for a guy she has to wait to answer a text message.

Girls, it gets better. But, just for fuck’s sake, why don’t you hold onto these little pieces of advice. Take it from me, do not and I repeat, do not do them. You’ll only greet heartbreak in the end.

1. Do not randomly “show up” where you know the person is going to be.

For you, it may be totally innocent and a way for you and him to casually chat it up. But it makes you look really, really, really desperate. You’re better than that.

2. Do not sleep with a coworker.

Ah, young love. Young, sweet, naive, boy what the fuck did I do love. There are so many couples whose love story starts off at matching cubicles but don’t sleep with someone you work with. People will find out and people will not treat you the same way. Keep your private life and professional career in different lanes.

3. Do not be the one to always call.

Why should you do all the work? If he wants to hear your voice, he’d actually call you.

4. Do not always be available.

It’s not about the ‘chase’; it’s about caring more about yourself and your time than to drop EVERYTHING because he texts you. Life isn’t all about him whenever HE decides he wants a piece of your attention.

5. Don’t threaten to walk out of the relationship just because you get into an argument.

Value your relationship and your person’s time more than that. Everyone argues. Threatening to leave your relationship is an easy remark to make in the heat of the moment but it’s not healthy. Eventually, having such a surface comeback will cause you more harm down the line because the two of you will never be able to break down to the root of your problems.

Dating sometimes sucks, but don’t be like me and make it harder than it should be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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