Read This If Your Boyfriend Just Broke Up With You

Congratulations. This is a good thing.

You’re probably reading this now and scoffing at my words. I’m sure you’re rolling eyes and as tears stream down your cheeks, you’re calling me a liar because he was the love of your life. I hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but you’re wrong. The love of your life is still out there.

He’s the one who is already your perfect fit. He’s going to laugh at all of your jokes, not out of pity or some form of social obligation, but because you genuinely make him laugh. His fingers will seem to interlock almost perfectly with your own, and you’ll realize he was meant to fill those empty spaces.

Pretty soon you’ll bump into him on the city corner, or at a friend’s party, or while you’re on your hands and knees fixing a flat tire on the side of the road. Suddenly, it will hit you. This won’t be like your past relationships, because this will suddenly make you understand why all the rest thankfully failed. You’ll be able to laugh with this person. This person will make you grow, not in maturity, but will compel you to become a better person. Yet, the irony of this will be that he already thinks you’re perfect.

One day you’ll meet someone who will make those dreams you carry a reality.

He’s going to love the cute way you bite your lip when you’re nervous…and when you’re turned on. He’s going to love the way you speak in nomadic circles that don’t make much sense, but to him, your words will be crystal clear. He’s going to love the way you steal the blankets while you sleep, and even though he’ll complain at the way your elbows smack him in the middle of the night, he won’t be at all too reluctant to say that he can’t go to sleep without you.

One day you’ll meet someone who will make those dreams you carry a reality. He’ll support you, encourage you, and believe in you. But more importantly, he’s going to love you. You’ll begin to see that the person you once cried so hard over, pined for, drunk dialed and begged for his forgiveness, will be such a thing of your past.

But meeting him will only come with time. Your heart needs this time to heal. It needs time to bleed, to fall apart, only to have the pieces glued back together. You need to cry into your pillow and relish the smell of his body spray of his soccer hoodie that becomes your only keepsake left of him. You need to eat ice cream, dance on the bar until 2:00AM and have your closest friends tell you that you need to move the fuck on because they’re tired of hearing the same old song. You need to stalk his Facebook page and cry the first time you see him fling his arm around a pretty girl. You need to wonder how you’ll ever live your life without him. You need to stay in bed until late noon and toss and turn all night, because his side of the bed still doesn’t feel welcome to you. You need to do all of this.

But through this time, take a moment to thank him for what he did. Thank him for leaving you. Thank him for making you realize that you deserve better.

You deserve someone who sees the world when they look into your eyes. You deserve to fall in love passionately, vigorously, and to experience the kind of fall that takes your breath away mid-flight.

Thank him for all of this.

He didn’t ruin your life. He saved it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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