19 Things I Never Thanked My Best Friend For

1. Thank you for telling me that I’m only 25 and that I have my whole life ahead of me when I started to feel freaked out about my future

2. Thank you for sticking by me through every bad relationship even when you saw me make the same mistakes

3. Thank you for listening to the same breakup story 45 times….in one night and never complaining

4. Thank you for always being there to lend me shoes, and yoga pants and your favorite pair of Ugg boots I still haven’t returned and let’s face it – you know I never will

5. Thank you for being one of the only people who just gets me

6. Thank you for being okay with making a fool of yourself to get a good story. Our stories have been legend-wait for it… (#HIMYM reference)

7. Thank you for justifying that eating frosting from the can is more than acceptable on any day that ends in DAY.

8. Thank you for always being there to pick me up…metaphorically and literally

9. Thank you for supporting me on anything I’ve ever wanted to do…even if those things mean that we both live in different zip codes

10. Thank you for being the only friend who still enjoys talking on the phone

11. Thank you for critiquing me when I need to hear that I’m wrong

12. Thank you for pushing me to leave terrible jobs, nasty relationships, and sucky friends because you’ve proven to me what it means to be totally happy

13. Thank you for telling me that having a one-night stand is okay

14. Thank you for always sharing your coffee with me from Starbucks and always being the one to help me finish off the whole plate of spinach and artichoke dip when we’re out to dinner

15. Thank you for never excluding me from your family, your friends, and your life

16. Thank you for that time you held my hair back at the bar, for the time that you stood with me in line to buy the new release of Twilight at midnight, (And actually not judging me for buying the Twilight movie at midnight), thank you for all the steaming lattes that turned cold because we talked too much and the nights that turned into early mornings…because, again, we talked too much

17. Most of all, though, thank you for being loyal.

18. Thank you for being the constant in my existence – through breakups, through new relationships, new adventures, and times of complete insecurity, you’ve been by my side. As our soul-sister Carrie Bradshaw would say, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates, and guys are just people to have fun with.”

19. Thanks for being my soul mate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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