10 Really Surprisingly Satisfying Things That Happen When You Turn 25

I view turning 25 the same way I did turning 21: full of life changes and exciting moments. Unlike turning 21 and being excited about being so hungover that I forget how to spell my name, this time around I’m looking forward to the unexpected treasures I know this year will have in store for me. Here’s my top ten list of really surprisingly satisfying things that happen when you turn 25.

10. Getting out of debt.There is something really satisfying about seeing the reckless purchases I made when I was nineteen years old slip away from my bank account each month. Did I really need rhinestone denim shorts from PINK? Really, Court? Really?

9. Being able to cook from recipes. Is it just me? Am I the only one who it took 25 years to master successfully making shrimp scampi from a recipe I scraped off Pinterest? I am? Well, this is awkward…

8. Going to bed early.Is there a better feeling than shutting off all your lights at 9:00pm when you worked all day and ran to the gym and pretended than you were going to make that really delicious chicken breast and sweet potatoes in an effort to be healthy but you just said fuck it and ordered lo mein and wonton soup? Go to bed early because tomorrow is another day to try and get it right, kid.

7. Staying up as late as you want. Having that moment when you realize that you’re an adult and you can pretty much stay up as late as you’d like binge watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix while stuffing your face with Cherry Garcia just because you can (assuming you probably don’t get have to get up for work the next day and even if so #YOLO)

6. Cutting out negative people. Finally having the confidence and the ability to cut negative people out of your life. Getting rid of the people who are nothing but drama, or ones that cause more harm than good. Realizing that not every friend who comes into our lives is meant to stay.

5. Knowing what you want in the bedroom. You’ve had enough sexual experiences to know what you like and don’t like. He wants to go and cover you in whipped cream? Tell him no. Or tell him yes, you go, with your kinky self.

4. Failing. It may seem odd but failure is one of the greatest joys as you venture into adulthood. It shows that you’re standing on your own two feet and even if you fall, you can always get back up. Failure is a sign of strength. It’s a sign that you’re trying.

3. Living with your best friend. It’s that age where you’re old enough to be able to pay rent, but still young and fun enough to have taco Tuesday and Wine Wednesdays with your best friend while blasting One Direction in the background but secretly agreeing that you’ll never tell anyone outside your apartment that you know all the words to You Don’t Know Your Beautiful. (Guess I just confessed.)

2. Having a five year plan. Realizing that this plan can involve traveling around the globe. It can involve up and moving to New York City, or LA or Dubai. It can involve wanting to settle down, realizing that your five year plan could very realistically include buying a house, getting married and becoming a mother. Realizing that this is the time to make your life happen.

1. Making mistakes. Putting yourself out there. Wearing your heart on your sleeve. Working hard for a promotion, not getting it, and trying again. Vowing that each mistake you make, it simply just a lesson learned and motivation enough to realize that you’re 25, and the world is yours. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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