If Not Now, When?

Now, is the time.

Now is the time for adventure. One day, you’re going to be sixty-five with graying hair and arthritis. One day, you’ll be too tired to travel around the world. Do it now. One day, you’ll roll over in bed realizing you’ve wasted another day, another month, another year thinking about all the things you swore you’d do, but never did.

You always had to work. You always needed a paycheck. You needed meals to cook, arguments to be had and worries to be prioritized. You raced toward the finish line to see that the prize at the end of it wasn’t worth all you sacrificed for it. But you can change all that.

Now is the time to explore. It’s the time to write a novel, to learn how to fish, to ski and how to jump out of an airplane. Now is the time to get over your fear of swimming, of public speaking and being consumed by what people think of you. Now is the time for laughter, for singing really loudly and really badly at a bar where no one knows your name. 

Now is the time for falling in love.  With him. With her. With yourself.

Take the time to paint a picture, to take a cooking class, to view the world from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Make something beautiful, make a difference, make a life. Don’t focus so much on where you’ll be, where you’re headed and what every second of life boils down to. What life has to be about includes creation and adventure. It involves putting yourself out there – putting on display your dreams, your thoughts, your moods, and your actions. Now is the time to be free. 

Now, is the time to live. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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