5 Things Children Can Teach Adults About The World

It is a common practice for our society to get sucked into the drone of our everyday lives. Our routines imprison us; lock us away with no hope of escape. We walk by the same people on our way to work, and as time passes we forget to notice their faces. The world around us becomes painstakingly average.

But remember when it wasn’t? Remember when the whole world glittered with possibility? When we were kids, a tree was a house, a swing was a rocket ship, and the hero always won. There was no time for average; we were too busy marveling at the world.

Children could teach us everything about living if we only let them. So what could we learn?

1. We should treat everybody as a somebody – There is no such thing as an unimportant person. Your job, your money, your accomplishments; none of it matters without your character. Be nice to one another.

2. The world is your playground – Just for one day, we should try and treat everything like we are experiencing it for the first time. The wonder and awe that comes with childhood, the joy you get from discovery, that shouldn’t only be limited to what is new. Appreciate the things and the people around you, because life is all too short to not.

3. Eat snacks and take naps – Don’t take yourself so seriously. Laugh at the silly things, and simplify the complicated things. Enjoy your life. Even if you have no time for snacks or naps, sprinkle in some playtime everyday. Because the world would be a better place if we all brightened each other’s days.

4. See the good – Reason and rationality are not always your friends. Feel your emotions, cherish your heart and the hearts of others. Don’t think that everyone is out to get you, or that people are inherently evil. We don’t have time to waste on negativity.

5. Kiss your mother – Love the people around you and make sure they know it. There is nothing worse than losing someone, but at least you can know you gave them your entire heart. Call your parents, hug your friend, appreciate the now.

I believe in humanity, and I believe we are capable of amazing things. I choose to see the magic instead of the darkness. Don’t ever believe that the world is not to be trusted. Do not fear it, or hide from it, or avoid its wonders. See the world the way children do. See the world as beautiful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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