6 Things I Can’t Help But Notice About Humans

1. We are selfish.

Though we preach charity, love, and peace, we are a selfish group. We seek reward for ourselves in so many different aspects of life even when we do not realize we are doing it. It is rare to come upon a completely and utterly selfless person. It is important to note, however, that I do not necessarily see this as an automatic negative. Sometimes it is vital that we make conscious decisions that are focused on us in order to contribute to the greater good. Like most things in life, it is a matter of balance. The perfect balance of selfish actions and an awareness of the interconnectedness of our world, that your decision in some way affects everyone, everywhere in some way.

2. We think too much.

There is never a single, solitary moment in our short lives in which at least a dozen thoughts a second are not running through our brains. It is never simple even when we say it is. The wheel does not stop turning, and while this leads to human modernization and enables us to grow, it also complicates everything. There are motives and goals and plans; constant, ever-evolving plans that prohibit our natural inclination to spontaneity. We are a people of structure, but it leads to self-imposed shackles on our lives. It is imperative that we reach once again our animalistic tendencies to react every now and then. Truly and completely react.

3. We never stop talking.

Shut up and listen to each other. There is no other way to make progress in any part of life.

4. We refuse to slow down. 

The ultimate selling point on anything is how much time we will save, and I find that utterly disheartening. When did taking our time become a concept only relished by merely unmotivated individuals? The only way to learn something, is to envelope oneself with it. To live it, breathe it, feel it until it becomes something you cannot separate from even yourself. Time is something we are always looking to save, but for what reason? You cannot store it, or sell it, or take it with you when you die. We can only use it. Everyday you are given 24 whole hours to make a difference, to change your life. So do exactly that, and stop trying to quicken something that is so valuable and has so much potential. Great things take time, and our lives should not be treated as anything but exceptional.

5. We are always looking. 

Always. We are constantly searching, every single hour of every single day. I believe this is rooted in humans being given so much freedom that they are overwhelmed by possibilities. So we wait and wait and wait for us to discover something magical that will change our lives and point us in the right direction. We look for people, for love, for hope, for a purpose, for anything that will excite us and bring us out of our monotone lives. But there is the flaw: life is not boring EVER. If you think it is then you are looking at it all wrong. Every morning you get to open your eyes and see a world of intricate and inspiring things that you could never dream up on your own. You breathe life into your lungs. You interact with amazing human beings, the same as you, different from you, all kinds of humans. You live your day and then at night, you sleep. And all this is so you can do it one more time the next day. The first day of a child’s life on earth is a miracle and it is the most astonishing thing any parent could witness. Why would we ever lose that astonishment? What you are looking for is all around you if you could just stop complaining long enough to realize.

6. We are a miracle. 

We are a completely miraculous phenomenon. Though our flaws are many in number and the bad sometimes seems to outweigh the good, deep down in our souls we are loving creatures. It is the bond we have with others that is truly unbreakable. We help each other, we see each other, we are fascinated with each other. Humans have a tendency to analyze other humans. We love to know why a certain person acts the way they do or what motivated a person’s actions. The obsession with each other can be interpreted as more than just fascination. The way I see it, it is how we show we care. On the surface we are interested so we can apply it to our own lives or research. But I believe, deep down, we crave human interaction because its our natural instinct to care. We were never meant to be alone because we are too complex to figure out this crazy life alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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