I Hope In The Year Ahead, You Release Your Inner Creative

It’s in there. Enclosed behind the barrier you’ve assembled, blocking the world from experiencing the genius harboring inside of you. I imagine it banging on the stone walls, yearning to be set free like a prisoner locked up to no avail. With no rights or spoken voice of its own, trapped for no reason other than due to fear and despair by its keeper.

You’ve managed to tuck away this side of you for so long. Hiding any part of you that expresses your true creative soul. Spending years on end making sure no one discovers the remarkable talent that you withhold. Like you’re ashamed that if it is released, you’ll be seen in a negative light, anything short of the absolutely brilliant human being that you are.

I hope that it’s not true. That this unfavorable portrait that you’ve painted of yourself in your mind isn’t the reason you are holding back your greatness. That you could give the world so much more, except you refuse to release your gift out into the wild.

You’re doing the world a disservice by concealing your abilities. Sheltering your artistry from anyone that would appreciate its beauty. You’ve spent far too long, cradling your inner thoughts, avoiding expelling them from your mind. The world deserves more than the little taste you’ve bestowed on them.

So effortlessly you can make a story come to life on paper. Protected in your personal journals and notebooks that no one’s eyes but yours can ever see. Although I already know the mastery that is written in those books. Just hearing the words you speak, I can imagine the masterpieces everyone is missing out on.

It’s impossible to conceal the creativity you’re harboring, as its flowing through your veins. Regardless if you want the world to see it or not, I can tell that there is something special about you. The way your mind flickers when an idea appears for a story, or how you can spend hours on end locked away in your room without making a sound.

It’s your mind doing its work. The creativity flowing from your fingers, I can’t help but admire.

Although you try your hardest not to unveil this side of you, I hope in the year ahead you change your mind.

I hope in the next year something triggers you to stop hiding your magic. That something inspires you to deliver your next great piece to the world. That all the roadblocks you’ve arranged directing other’s eyes away suddenly vanish. That you stop masking your talents and start revealing them.

For you will appreciate your work more when you show it honor. When you admit you’re proud of your creations. When you display it with praise, respect, and fearlessly yours.

Despite being afraid to pull back the curtain before, I hope in the coming year this changes. That you release everything growing inside of you. And you finally, with applause release your inner creative.

Dream in a way that no one would ever expect came from your soul

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