Here’s Why You Should Celebrate Galentine’s Day, Even If You’re Happily Taken

A day for ladies celebrating ladies. At least, that’s what Wikipedia defines the nonofficial holiday that is Galentine’s Day. Actually, when typing the term into Google, a bunch of references from Parks and Recreation pop up first, and then upon further scrolling you find the specific definition, which just provides further reason why you should binge the comedy series this weekend with your girlfriends… just a suggestion.

Galentine’s Day falls the day before cupid’s love affair, Valentine’s Day. The underrated date is often overlooked, as couples are too busy preparing for their Valentine’s Day plans to acknowledge the evening prior. The week leading up to V Day is generally filled with lovesick boys and girls running to the store to purchase poetic Hallmark cards, flowers, and assorted chocolates for their loved ones. It’s hard to focus on anything else but making February 14 the most special day of the year.

While I’m well aware I’m going to sound like an anti-Valentine’s Day single gal who dresses in black and holds a pitchfork on the romantic holiday, ready to pop any heart-shaped balloon that enters her path, that’s not where I’m going with this. I encourage you to celebrate with your significant other this weekend. In fact, I hope you get a room full of long-stem roses and a singing telegram delivered to your office. You deserve an entire day focused on your relationship where you can eat at a fancy restaurant where the waiter dusts the crumbs off your shirt with a little broom. You deserve to share a pizza together on the floor of your apartment watching thrasher movies or whatever your ideal date looks like—no judgements here! But I also want you to acknowledge your besties this holiday. Enter Galentine’s Day.

Whether you’re all happily in relationships and gearing up for a romantic weekend getaway with your bae or you’re happily riding the singles bus, one day a year should be dedicated to your girls, no interruptions. Just like many couples have Valentine’s Day circled with a little heart on their calendars as a reminder of the occasion, you should mark up February 13 for your girlfriends. It could be an entire day dedicated to mani-pedis, shopping, and massages from one of those vendors in the middle of the mall. Or you could rewatch Fifty Shades of Grey or Magic Mike for the millionth time for the sexiest movie night of your lives. Whatever brings you all together to celebrate your yearslong friendships.

After all, they are your real ride or dies. Who else would you complain about your significant other’s annoying habit of leaving their dirty towels on the floor or their beard trimmings in the sink with? They listen to all your relationship troubles and give you endless (sometimes unwarranted) advice about everything from fashion tips to money struggles. They were there for you after your last breakup that left you crying on the couch, deep into your fifth box of tissues, and encouraged you to move on from your miserable job that you held onto for nearly all of your 20s. They deserve to be gifted a bouquet of balloons and a life-size teddy bear that squeals “I love you” when you push its belly. Really, they deserve a lot more than a measly stuffed animal for dealing with your constant 3 a.m. phone calls because you needed to hear someone tell you your significant other still loves you, even though they fell asleep before cuddling with you like they usually do.

Still, it’s the thought that counts, which is what you should remember upon making reservations at your bestie’s favorite Mexican spot for the 13th. A table reserved to honor your girls with endless margaritas and chips and guac. Or just buy a round of tacos at the stand on the corner for your gals—you do you, ladies!

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