I Wish I Would’ve Called You

I wish I would’ve called you instead of waiting for you to make the first move. That I didn’t hide behind our lighthearted text conversations and clam up when I saw you in person.

I wish I learned a deeper version of who you were, asked questions, and got to know the person that others knew you to be. The person who makes me smile just at the thought of having known you.

I wish we had spent more time together. That we took advantage of the days we had and cherished the moments that time would allow.

I wish I took the opportunity when I had it to tell you so many things I learned to keep bottled up. To admit to you that I wanted you around and admit it to myself too.

I wish things were different between us. That we gave in to the electric impulses that always drove us together and stopped listening to our minds that let us drift apart.

I wish that first night lasted longer and our last hug was a little tighter. That I told you I was sorry and held your hand instead of running away.

I wish I didn’t try to forget you after our last conversation, trying to move on from something that never was when I should have stayed.

I wish I didn’t waste the last year not talking to you. Not approaching you when I saw you or reaching out when I didn’t.

I wish I had tried harder to be in your life. That I hadn’t spent years calling you a friend but secretly hoping for something more.

I wish I would’ve called you. I wish that I wouldn’t have let so much time go by without a word when so many were still left unsaid.

I really wish I would’ve called you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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