To The Man Who Changed Me

To the man who opened up his heart to me even when he was afraid to. Who trusted me with his secrets, deepest thoughts and harbored regrets. Who told me about all the demons he faced and was still fighting to show me that I wasn’t alone in my own battles. Who encouraged me to stand tall because if he could break through the beasts, so could I.

To the one who listened to me with no judgement and helped me weave through my struggles when no one else could. The one who proved that someone else could understand my fears, worries, triumphs if I let them. The one who encouraged me to express myself and impressed me every day with his words and his songs.

To the man who knew when something wasn’t right and always pushed to find out why. Who would fill my head with positivity and hope even when it felt like those things did not exist. A man who had so many complications in his life you wondered how someone could still form a smile and rarely shed a tear.

To the man who demonstrated courage and strength when most would hide in fear and self-doubt. A man who would ask for help when he knew the demons were condemning his power and would call me the minute his deep thoughts became scarily familiar.

To the man who taught me to take life one day at a time, whose voice I sometimes hear reminding me to not worry about things I cannot change in the moment. Who loved life so much that he continued to fight each day, regardless of how many times he had tried before. To the one who encouraged me how to be my best self with admiration and respect.

To the man who changed me. Who made me see the light in others and especially within myself. Who during our time together emitted his strength and bravery to my mind, body and soul making me the strongest version of myself that I didn’t think was possible.

I hope you are doing okay and your hands continue to spread those positive vibes that I remember so well. That someone else gets to benefit from your big heart and curious mind. I hope she gets to experience the greatness that you are destined to become. Although we weren’t meant to be, I thank you for how much you changed me.

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