Wait For Someone Who Makes You Feel Sparks

Wait For Someone Who Makes You Feel Sparks

Wait for the goosebumps. The chilly sensation to move down your arms, making your hairs stand up even on the warmest of days. The metaphorical butterflies to begin fluttering in your tummy, causing you to unknowingly hold your breath. Wait for your palms to sweat uncontrollably, to the point where holding anything more than a piece of paper is difficult and words to spill out of your mouth as though you, in that moment, decided to form your own language.

Your body will tell you when someone feels right before your mind even catches on. You may find your eyes immediately wander in their direction when they enter a room. Your fingertips may glide towards theirs, paying no mind to anyone else around you. Your knees may graze each other when you automatically sit next to them, not realizing that there are dozens of empty chairs to choose from. These are the subtlest of signs that will make you question everything you ever thought about love.

When you get the opportunity to spend time with them, that radiantly beautiful smile they love so much will never leave your face. Their good morning texts will make your heart pound harder, excitement gleaming in your eyes knowing that they are thinking of you so early in the day. And even days when you can barely find time to brush your hair, you will still manage to carve out a few minutes together just because you don’t want to go through the day without seeing them.

If you are currently wrestling with your heart on where you stand in a relationship, just know that when you really care about someone, there will always be sparks. Maybe you won’t see fireworks at the touch of their lips on yours or feel an electric shock when your fingertips connect, but it will be your version of sparks. Your heart may beat differently. Your breathing may become more shallow. Don’t brush off that lump in your throat and shaky knees, as it is your heart’s way of telling you to pay attention to the connection happening in front of you.

If there are no sparks, why bother holding their hand, interlocking your fingers as though they are the only person to hold onto? If there are no sparks, why jump to answer their texts and calls with an immediate response when you can’t even think of anything to say in return? If there are no sparks, why agree to another date knowing that it is only increasing their hopes of you choosing them when you’ve already decided to choose yourself?

Wait for the goosebumps. The sparks. The fireworks. The excitement. Wait for the feeling of certainty and bliss. The signals either written in the sky or seeping from your heart. Keep reaching for that sense of completeness and serenity. Encourage yourself to continue to search until it feels right, because when it does, there will always be sparks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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