Thank You For Listening To Your Heart

Thank you for listening to your heart. For overcoming the overwhelming desire to follow a path that was not meant for you. For not allowing the ideas and opinions of others to guide you on the journey that God planned for someone else. For letting it speak for you when your brain couldn’t form the words.

Thank you for listening to its rhythm, for it acts as the voice you need to hear when your mind comes up empty. At a time when your head may be cluttered with a lifetime worth of thoughts and memories, your heart is patiently waiting for you to catch up, to realize that the answers have been within you all along.

Thank you for listening to its concerns. For not brushing off what it’s telling you deep inside and letting the outside world fog your better judgment. Your heart will never steer you wrong as long as you pay attention to its cues.

Thank you for listening to its courage. Your heart has endured all your pain, anguish, heartbreak, and has always managed to beat stronger than before. It is often treated carelessly, poked and prodded by others who always seem to test its limits. While we know its sensitivity to the world, sometimes we care for it with little protection, letting others trample and bruise it with their words and emotions. Acknowledge the levels of brutal intensity your heart can withstand, but secure it from unnecessary harm.

Be kind to your heart. Although it has proven true strength, it is one of the most valuable parts of the body, that should be nurtured and coddled. It knows which direction to lead for it is wise and looks out for your well-being. It hopes that you will always treat it with the same loving concern that it has for you.

Girl, thank you for hearing its beats. For your beating heart is usually the only feeling that makes sense. It reflects when you are feeling happy, sad, anxious, excited. You can hear the intensity of the pitter patter, letting you know that your heart is reacting. Listen in real close to what it is trying to say and pay attention to the signals that beat within.

Thank you for listening.

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