11 Things Every Single Person Wishes Their Couple Friends Remembered


1. We don’t need to be set up with every single family member, co-worker, neighbor and friend that you know.

2. We do not need to be registered on every dating site there is, including Farmers Only (yes, that dating website actually exists.)

3. When new couples join our group gatherings, there is no need to revisit all of our dating failures, along with all of our partners that you still miss, while getting the group up to speed about the reasons we are still single.

4. We appreciate being included in group outings, but you have to accept that more often than not, we feel like the 5th wheel.  So we leave early or make a lame excuse why we can’t attend, stop making us feel guilty about it.

5. We don’t need (or want) every dating guide with a title like, “find your soul mate at the grocery store” or “now is a good time to settle for whoever is still interested”.

6. Stop reciting all of our great qualities, like a resume, and ending with “I just don’t know why someone so fantastic is still single.” It’s condescending. 

7. Don’t introduce us as…”This is my SINGLE friend so and so…”  We don’t need a ribbon; we didn’t win, best in show, at the local pageant.

8. Don’t come to us for advice, if in the end, you aren’t going to take it (even though you know its great advice), and especially if, one of your rebuttal comments will sound something like this…”What do you know anyway, you’re the one who can’t keep a relationship.” 

9. Don’t mock our single status.  We don’t mock you for settling.  (Side note:  We realize that not everyone feels as though they have settled in their relationship.  We also realize that the ones who usually do the mocking are the ones who did the settling.)

10. If you are coupled and you choose to enjoy a night out with your single friends sans the partner, don’t act single to stimulate your ego or impress us with your ‘I still got it’ skills.  It’s obnoxious, and it will inevitably make us feel uncomfortable around you and your partner.

11. Maybe we still enjoy the single life, or maybe we don’t and we are searching for our complimentary other half, either way…let US find our way.  Our story doesn’t have to mirror your story, in order, to be successful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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