7 Reasons Why Therapy Is The Best Idea Ever

The Sopranos
The Sopranos

1. You are encouraged and expected to only talk only about yourself for a full hour.

Real world relationships are give-and-take. In therapy, it’s all about you babe.

2. Your therapist doesn’t get to choose what you talk about. 

She definitely planned your conversation before you got there, but remember that she works for you. That means that whatever you want to talk about gets the first priority. No question.

3. Therapy will make you realize that nothing is your fault. 

Your parents made so many mistakes throughout your childhood that you may not have even realized until you came to therapy. There’s also this thing called a “schema” which is the way your mind works on autopilot. One of those two is responsible for everything you say and do, unless what you say or do is good, in which case that is all you.

4. You get to tell your side of the story. There are no other relevant sides to the story.

This is probably the reason why we are led to believe that nothing is our fault, but no matter.

5. Therapy allows you to unleash all of the tears and feelings you’ve been storing up throughout the week. It’s the BEST feeling.

Particularly if you’re an emotional person who needs to tone down that side of you for professional purposes or relationships. This is your chance to air it out and no one will ever know.

Plus, if you’re not feeling your best emotionally it WILL show up in your work and relationships if unaddressed.

6. You have secrets. You must tell someone. 

Your therapist won’t judge you, and is secretly extremely interested. This is the fruit of the therapy profession.

7. You’re a really nice, optimistic, non-judgmental person until your therapist’s door closes. 

Enough said. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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