Maybe In The Future Our Timing Will Match Our Chemistry

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From the very beginning, we said we were meant to be. We couldn’t believe how alike we were, how we just seemed to go hand in hand.

We had the chemistry – but the timing? That’s another story.

We thought we had the timing right, often saying how we came into each other’s lives when we needed each other most. That we were strategically placed on a map set by the man upstairs himself to bring us together.

And looking at it now, the timing was off. Wayyy off.

We came into each other’s lives at a point where we were both healing from past relationships. We jumped in head first into each other, falling in love before we even had an anniversary date. When my world was literally crumbling before we even had the chance to tell each other “I love you.”

We had the chemistry, my God did we have the chemistry. I could finish your sentences for you, you knew what I was thinking before I’d even say it. It’s like we were on the same brain wave, intertwined from the minute we started “talking.”

And here we are now: broken apart. Trying to salvage any kind of relationship that makes it possible to remain in each other’s lives. It’s been incredibly hard doing so, maintaining even the most basic of a friendship that doesn’t seem pushy or anything but just that – a friendship.

One of my favorite characters on television, Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother, once said the best thing about this:

Robin: “If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing.”

Ted: “And what’s that?”

Robin: “Timing. But timing’s a bitch.”

Chemistry was definitely on our side throughout our relationship, cheering us on as we surpassed each new month together. But timing? He was the devil sitting on our shoulder, reminding us that we shouldn’t be together, at least not when we were. In the battle of chemistry vs. timing, science got the brunt of it and timing came out victorious – forcing us apart.

Maybe in the future, the timing will be right. Maybe we’ll never be able to pick up on the chemistry we had. Everything is a big maybe, but one thing is for sure – timing is a bitch. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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