What’s The Difference Between Racism And Prejudice?


There’s a newfound war on racism and I think it’s important that it’s happening.

But in my opinion not everything is racism.

I believe a lot of things are just acts of prejudice.

I don’t mean people like Don Sterling and Paula Deen.

Those motherfuckers are racist.

But more than likely, you aren’t.

Here’s the difference.

Being racist is simple to explain.

The mentality of racism is:

  • Your race sickens me and in my mind, I am superior to you.
  • No matter what you say or do, I will NEVER like you.
  • Now, although when you think “Racism”, you automatically think
  • White vs. [Insert Race Here]

But contrary to popular belief, ANY race can be the aggressor and their target can be of ANY race, too.

The only reason white people get a much worse rap for it, is because they’ve been doing it longer.

I’m not saying white People AREN’T racist, because we’ve SURELY seen it happen billions of times.

But there are surely people of other races with racist mentalities in the world.

Now, on prejudice:

This simply means to pre-judge.

You judge someone with knowing little to no information about them.

The color of their skin gives your preconceived notions.

You rely on what the media tells you, you think back to previous experiences you’ve had, with people who look like this person.

We all do this and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I believe being prejudice is formed out of fear and wanting to protect yourself.

And here’s the kicker: Being prejudiced doesn’t always include race.

You could be prejudice toward someone of a certain weight, height, tattoos, etc.

So, now you know the difference.

My final thought is this:

Human beings are fragile, scared and want to remain safe.

Therefore, being prejudiced is totally normal and more than okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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