5 Simple Ways You Can Empower Yourself


When we find ourselves at a crossroads of so many plans that we wish we could do all at the same time, we are forced to break our thoughts over what is ideal and instead push towards prioritizing our wants, our needs, and our urges. It’s difficult to be stuck in a place, even unsettling. We question our capabilities. We question our own confidence. We wonder if our potential can exceed what we want to achieve. I personally cannot claim that I have moved forward in these webs that I have created for myself, but I have learned, through the struggles that I have faced, that empowering yourself is an essential key in opening the right path.

How can we empower ourselves?

1. Let go of things that are beyond your control

Acceptance is always included in the process of self-empowerment. You make best of what is in front of you and hope that by doing so, it will bridge you towards what you can actually become in the future. Do not let what you can’t control consume you. Remember that these things, intangible as it may seem at present, can still be grasped, can still be held given the right time and effort. You don’t have to hold it as hard as you can, you just have to let it be your guide.

2. Do not let your dreams overwhelm you

When we dream, we picture ourselves at our perfect moments coupled with the best achievements. However, sometimes we find ourselves being at that same moment but with a completely different accomplishment. If we let ourselves be overwhelmed with an idea and if that idea is not reached, we might brand ourselves as failures – and that is something that we should avoid. We might be blinded by our dreams and not let ourselves see the beauty of what we have already accomplished. How can you empower yourself if you constantly put yourself down?

3. Look around at what you can reach

Do not take things for granted. Realize how unbelievably lucky you are that there are already some things that are provided you for you so you can become better. You are given the ability to see, to walk, to feel. Use what you already have. Improve what you already have because there are others who are praying deeply just to get these things.

4. Be a source of motivation

Embody the type of person you fervently want to be every single day. Practice now, what you know, you can be in the future. May it be in the way you want to talk, you want to dress, or the way you want others to see you. Being a person of importance is not something someone can do overnight. It takes constant practice. Every time you do practice, you let yourself be a motivation to those around you.

5. Breathe

Learn when to stop and just breathe. Appreciate and be thankful. Put value to everything you have accomplished, may it be small or big because all these steps have lead to who you are now. Do not be hasty in accomplishing things so much, because if you keep on looking towards your destination, you will fail to appreciate the journey. And when you reach the top, without learning how to breathe, you put less value in your effort and more on things that can easily be lost.

Remember, that we empower ourselves, not just to achieve our dreams or our goals; we empower ourselves so that we can love ourselves better. If we loves ourselves more and more each day, we get to see things more clearly. We get to see the real value of our life -not just based on our achievements, but more so, based on how we actually live it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m a 26 year old career-driven girl, climate change advocate, travel junkie, skin care enthusiast who also happens to be a doctor.

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