5 Benefits Of Having An Equally Super Competitive BFF

Twenty20 / remgod
Twenty20 / remgod

I am admittedly a very competitive person with a strong personality, and I surround myself with other strong personalities, particularly, my best friend. She is just as competitive as I am so we knew we were kindred spirits from the beginning. Because of this, we often butt heads on our never ending quest to always be right. However, it’s not all bad. In fact, I have found that having an equally competitive BFF has taught me a lot and if anything, made me a stronger fighter. These are the lessons I have learned.

1. You always have a sparring partner.

When two people are equally competitive and spend a ton of time together, debates and competitions will inevitably ensue. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though! It’s nice to have someone around to keep you on your toes and challenge you constantly. This will help prepare you against future contenders who won’t be on your side.

2. You learn to be truly happy for someone else’s accomplishments.

It’s not uncommon for me and my bestie to go up against each other for positions, awards, and overall bragging rights to something. Sometimes it can be tough to humble yourself and accept defeat when you’re super competitive, but imagine how much worse this becomes when you lose out to your best friend? Through this though, we have both learned to let go of our pride and be happy that at least one of us gets to be victorious. This has also helped me learn to be humble with others as well, because if you can’t even be happy for your best friend, who can you be happy for?

3. You constantly get and give ego checks.

I’ll be the first to admit that my BFF and I can be quite full of ourselves. We know how much work we put into our goals and feel we are entitled to be the best all the time. This often results in one of us getting a little too egotistical. Fortunately, we aren’t afraid to call each other out when they are acting like a cocky bitch. It’s good for your ego to have someone who constantly strives to put you in your place and our personalities have definitely benefited from keeping each other in check.

4. You have someone to strategize with.

Obviously we are not each other’s soul competition. The best part of having someone who thinks like you do, is having someone to bounce ideas off of. Although we are similar, we are not the same and we often have different ways of approaching a situation. It’s nice to have someone to strategize with and it is great knowing we can always learn from each other.

5. You have someone just as tough as you in your corner.

The best part of having an equally competitive ride or die? You’ve got someone just as dangerous ready to back you up. Before I met my best friend, I’d always been the girl standing up for my weaker friends with no one to really stand up for me when my back was up against the wall. That all changed once we became a dynamic duo. Now, no one wants to mess with us for fear of our joint retaliation.

If you can harness that power, you become an unstoppable force.

It’s no secret that my BFF is my biggest competition at times, but most of the time we are on the same side, and when we get together no one is safe. However, we also come up with the most brilliant and well executed ideas when we are working towards the same cause. And the longer we are there to help shape each other into amazing competitors, the more dragons we will inevitably slay together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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