I’ll Keep On Loving You, Even If It’ll Never Be Enough


I traced “I love you” into your skin with my finger tips,
Hoping that the fierceness of my affections would seep into you soul.

I whispered “I love you” into your ear,
Not so I could hear it back,
But to remind you that that I’d always be here.

I sat silent as you talked, on and on about everything,
Never once tiring from listening to you spill open,
All your interests and passions, fears and worries,
I drank it all in.

The mornings when I woke up beside you
Were the days when I believed I could become a morning person.
I loved basking in the peaceful sound of your slow, sleepy breathing.

Not a moment went by when I was with you that I didn’t think
“I’m so lucky”
And yet,
In a corner, in the shadows of all these blissful moments,
I couldn’t help but think,
“does he feel the same?”

I’d be lying if I said my immediate answer was
And has
Always been,
“No.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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