This Is Why We Can’t Get Back Together

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It has been several months since we broke up. Then out of the ordinary, you asked me if we could get back together. I looked at you with sorrowful eyes. When I suddenly felt a mix of love, longing, and confusion.

I began to wonder if we could still work things out. I imagined multiple scenarios. That if I welcomed you back with open arms. I could forget why we broke each other’s hearts. As I saw myself trying to remember the reason why we fell in love in the first place.

But with all honesty, there are moments where I miss you like crazy. When the longing knocks on my door, I can almost hear your laughter. As I welcome myself into the warmth of your embrace. I would brush my fingers across your hair. Whisper every word behind your ear. I would act as if you never left. If it were that simple, I would run back to you in a heartbeat. But in reality, things are much more difficult. So I guess we can no longer go back to the way we were.

Believe me, I will always love you. You were a greatly significant part of my life. Yet our situation is now beyond repair. But I am also sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused you.

However, we cannot destroy something and pretend we do not see the damage across the rubble. Since our love was a war zone, in which we lost the fight. I see friendship as the only solution to keep the peace.

Truth be told, I did love you. Yet some things are better kept far apart. I am sorry. But the only reunion we will ever have is the forgiveness I will keep deep within my heart. I sincerely apologize. Though I still love you, we cannot get back together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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