I Wish You Nothing But The Best

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My heart was a home we once lived in. Even after you left me, it still had so much space for you.

Soon I dreaded the fact that I still held you dearly. How I tried to remove you like a stain. Washing off its remnants like soap. Yet, my life still had your mark. For how could I forget the moments we shared when I loved you for several years?

I realized that I will always love you. Even when my heart heals and loves another. You will still hold a special place. Because back then, you held my hand in the dark, wiped my tears as I cried, kissed my lips like glowing starlight, kept all my secrets as I showed you my scars. This showed that you did love me once.

But I still believe that we crossed paths for a reason. And I know that I will find my own happiness in return. For my heart is an overflowing garden. All this love will someday be shared with another. How it will bloom with every lesson we learned. As my next lover thrives in the soil of my heart. It will be a beautiful garden; full of the love you left behind.

So I now pray that you will find happiness. I pray that you fall in love again. And when you do, I hope she loves you more than I ever did. Please make her feel loved each day. The same way you did for me. So that she may know the wonderful man that you are. As I now wish you the best.

Please remember that moving on does not mean that I no longer love you. It means that I am no longer hurting. It means that I wish you all the happiness in the world, even if I am no longer going to be a part of it. TC mark

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