When I Gave Love Another Try

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The day he left me, I shattered like glass. How the shards marked a scar as I stood to pick myself up. How I gave him everything my heart could offer, but he still left me broken. So, I resented the idea of love. For every soul that asked for my heart felt like a trap. 

I recalled my past relationships. I’ve smothered ‘I love you,’ across each of their hearts. During those times I promised them ‘forever’, and I really meant it. Yet I wondered why they didn’t stay as long as I wanted them to. I found myself speculating that I was the problem. How this never-ending cycle of questions kept bursting in my head. Soon, love sounded synonymous with goodbye. By this time, I was not willing to give love another try. 

I took solace in being distant. I’ve built a barricade across my heart. And this fear of love encouraged me to treat attachments like a disease. For I believed the false notion that showing people you cared, was a weakness. So, I trained my heart to be cold. Because I was foolish enough to think apathy was a great stronghold but it wasn’t. Instead, I ended up missing out on life.

Yet for some reason, you changed the meaning of everything. The seasons of my life turned in on me. The word ‘love’ no longer felt like a threat. Love now felt like a blessing.

I found myself singing along to the music of my heartbeat. How each sound was an echo of your name. And you were just so beautifully different. I noticed how magnificent you were. I then began wondering why I haven’t met you sooner.

Slowly, I welcomed you into my life. And now my heart feels right. I am amazed by this love we feel inside. I am so glad, I gave love a second try. TC mark

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